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The Tape Chart has a variety of powerful features that make managing availability easy and efficient.  The numbers shown at the top of each column represent the total # of Rooms available for that day and the # in each cell represents the availability of Rooms by Room Type. See an example below.

  • Close or block out availability:  Blocking out rooms for a specific time period. If you see a discrepancy in the availability numbers, see Resolving Tape Chart Availability Issues
  • Mark a Room  "Out of Order" - An OOO Room blocks availability. See Marking a Room "Out of Order"
  • Change Booking Dates:Either double click the booking or click once and a pop out window will appear with a link to Booking Details. Go to the Edit Tab to modify the booking. See Edit Tab
  • Change Room Assignments: One of the best features of this page is the ability to drag and drop reservations to change their rooms. This is particularly useful when trying to manage room assignments on busy days. See Modify Bookings. If you need to change the room type or arrival or departure dates it must be done from the Edit Tab of the Booking Details. By clicking on the booking, you can read the reservation comments as shown in the image to the right. To see the status of a booking, see Bookings Status

To change the order of Rooms on the Tape Chart, use the Sort Order in the Room List. See Customize Tape Chart  

In this example, Let's look at the time period between Sept 15 (today) and Sept. 18. 

  • In the top of each column, under the date, are the total number of Rooms available. I.e. 38 on Monday Sept. 15, 36 on Sept. 16 and so on.
  • There are 4 bookings during this date range which reduces the # of Rooms available in the particular Room Type.
    • The booking for David Smith, in Room 108, from Sept. 15-17. Room 108 is in the Room Type  (Standard Room - 2 Queen) which has a total of 6 Rooms. This booking reduces the total number of Rooms available in the (Standard Room - 2 Queen) Room Type from 6 to 5. Therefore, the number 5 appears in all of the remaining Rooms in the  (Standard Room - 2 Queen) Room Type. Therefore, there are 5 Rooms now available in the  (Standard Room - 2 Queen) Room Type.
    • The bookings for Lisa Bullock from Sept. 15-17, in Room 210 and Amy Martin, in Room 212 from Sept. 16-17 and Jason Timms,in 206 on Sept. 17 ,are all in the (King with Fireplace) Room Type. Thereby, reducing the availability for the Room Type. The (King with Fireplace) Room Type has a total of 23 Rooms available. On Sept. 15 The total # of Rooms available in this Room Type is 22 because the only booking on that date is the Bullock booking. On Sept. 16 and 17, the Martin booking is added and the availability reduces by one more, giving a total availability of 21 on Sept. 16. Then, the Timms booking is added on Sept. 17 and the availability reduces by one more to 20 total available Rooms in the (King with Fireplace) Room Type.
    • On Sept. 18, there are no bookings in these Room Types and the full availability is shown: 6- (Standard Room - 2 Queen) and 23-(King with Fireplace)