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The Front Desk Dashboard displays a "Quick List" totals of daily arrivals, departures and in-house guests on "Today's Date. 

All of the data displayed in the "Quick List" is also displayed on the Front Desk (Dashboard Summary) and Arrivals, In house, Departures and can be looked at in further detail in the Departures Reports, Arrivals Report and In-House Reports,

The "Quick List" will also display the number of "Arriving Groups" IF you have a Group Booking arriving on "Today's Date". See Group Bookings

Front Desk Dashboard


Today's Date: Displays the current System Date. The data displayed will be on the System Date.

In House: Total number of guests currently "In-House" . Guests who are due to depart, but have not checked out will be included in the In-House number. See In house Report

REM Departures: Total number of guest due to check-out on "Today's Date", but have not checked out yet. See Departures Reports

REM Arrivals: Total number of guest due to check-in on "Today's Date", but have not checked in yet. See Arrivals Report

Departures: Total number of guest who have already departed or checked-out on "Today's Date". See Departures Reports

Stayovers: Total number of guests currently "In-House" who have "Stayed Over" the night before and not checked in on "Today's Date". Guests who checked in already on "Today's Date" will be included in the "In House" number, but not in the "Stayover" number.  . See In house Report

Arriving Groups:Total number of Group Bookings arriving on "Today's Date". If you do not have any Group Bookings arriving, then this box will not appear.. To see your Group Bookings, go to Group Bookings


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