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The Front Desk Dashboard displays a "Daily Snapshot" of key data such as, occupancy and availability. It is located on the Front Desk of MyPMS and can be accessed by clicking "View" next to Dashboard.

Front Desk Dashboard

All of the data displayed on the Dashboard is same as as the located in Reports, on the Tape Chart, etc. and can be looked at in further detail in any of these areas.

For example, if you see 4 bookings made today, you could also go to the BOOKINGS TAB and then SEARCH BOOKINGS and entered today's date in "Created on"  or go to REPORTS and run a Bookings Production Report. Or, to see your Availability, go to the Tape Chart.

Dashboard Overview

  • Quick List  Displays a "Quick List" totals of daily arrivals, departures and in-house guests on "Today's Date.

  • Availability Displays Availability for Today and  for the "Next 7 Days" from Today's date.

  • Bookings  Displays a section displaying the total number of "BOOKINGS MADE TODAY"  by Source on the graph.This includes all bookings made at the Front Desk, Website and Online Channels.

  • Occupancy: Displays a "Daily Snapshot" of a summary of Occupancy data and graph displaying Occupancy by Room Type.

  • Arrivals Displays a section with a list of Unassigned Rooms and Booking Comments for all bookings arriving in the "Next 7 Days". Note, only the first 5 bookings arriving are shown. As you make assignments of Rooms, this list will update.


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