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The Setup Tab gives an informational overview about a few key aspects of the property.

The Night Audit section displays if the property is using a Manual or Automated Night Audit Process and when the Night Audit was last commenced.
Look and Feel displays which custom Style Sheet if Any is being used and if Credit Cards are automatically Authorized at Check in.

To Edit Settings: When you click the Edit button the screen will open with the fields and drop-down menu shown below. To edit your Settings, choose or enter the correct information and click Save. To see the details of each section, click on the title below and a list will expand:

  • Show Restricted Rates by Default on Inquiry Page: Enable Restricted Rates to appear on the booking inquiry page of your booking engine. These rates appear if the dates requested are unavailable, but there are Restricted rates available with date modification.
  • Folio Printout: Choose whether or not you want the Tax amount broken out as a line item in the daily folio printout generated after Night Audit is complete. Choose : No Tax Breakout, Tax Subtotal, Full Tax Breakout, Tax Summary.
  • Session Timeout: Set the time allowed before a Log in session times out. See Log in Session Timeout
  • Default Days on Tape Chart: Choose the number of days that appear when you open the Tape Chart. 7- 15 days.
  • Date Bar Repeat: Choose the row break in your room list on the Tape Chart. See Date Bar Repeat


 External Services

If the property is using Comtrol or Call Accounting they will be flagged Active and have the appropriate ID's listed in the External Services.

  • Comtrol Active
  • Comtrol ID
  • Comtrol Credit Limit
  • Metropolis Active
  • Metropolis ID


 Night Audit
  • Automatic Night Audit: Choose "Yes" for the Night Audit to perform automatically or "No" to require the Night Audit to be performed manually. 
  • Charge Folios Required: Choose "Yes" to require the user to click the charge folios button during night audit (recommended)
  • Night Audit Active:
  • System Date: Displays current system date.
  • Night Audit Commenced: Displays date of last Night Audit performed.
  • Night Audit User: Displays user I.D. of user who last performed the Night Audit.


 Look and Feel
  • Display on Tape/Availability Chart: Choose how you would like your Room Names to display on the Tape Chart: Room Type Desc or Room Type ID
  • Use Inventory Groups on Add Charges: Choose "Yes" for the Inventory Group name to appear in the Add Charge List or "No" to list all Inventory items alphabetically.
  • Custom Style Sheet: For CSS users. Enter your Custom CSS code here.
  • Use Custom Logo: Use a custom logo to appear at the top left of your MyPMS. This is the logo entered in Features and Images.



This section enables you to set up automatic Authorizations to credit cards. This is only available to MyCard users. See MyCard

  • Auth On Check-in: Choose Yes to enable Automatic Authorization on Check-in. This will automatically authorize the amount you enter in One Time Auth Fee on the Credit Card entered in the Credit Card Details of the Booking Data of the Guest and in Manage Credit Cards.
  • One Time Auth Fee: Enter the dollar amount of the automatic Authorization at check-in
  • Nightly Auth Fee: To automatically authorize an amount to a guest folio during Night Audit, enter a dollar amount. For example, a $15 a night Auth for incidentals.


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