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In the Features and Images Tab, you can setup amenities, upload images and complete your Property profile on the Booking Engine and for use in your Statements and Custom Letters. See Images in Letters

Features and Images

See each section below to complete your property profile. 

  • Activities: These refer to activities located near your property that may be appealing to customers
  • Attractions: These refer to attractions located near your property that may be appealing to customers or to add or edit an Attraction
  • Amenities: A preset list of features that can be chosen for the property such as Coffee Shop or Security Cameras.

Used exclusively with the Booking Engine Templates.

  • Images:The images section is used to upload property images which will display on your website Booking Engine, see  Booking Engine | Customize Front Page. And, for use in your Statements and Custom Letters, see Images in Letters
  • Room Type Images: Each Room Type has two images. The first image will display in the "View Details" Window. See Booking Engine | View Details and Amenities. The second image, "Thumb Image " is the Room Type Thumbnail image and will display next to the Room Type in the Booking Engine. For more detalls, see Booking Engine | Room Description and Images
  • Packages Images: These images display in the "View Package Details" popout window on the Booking Engine
  • Inventory Images: These images display as a Thumbnail image for each inventory Item you sell on the Booking Engine. Please note Add-ons must be enabled in the PMS system.
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