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For your security, the MyPMS log in session is set to automatically expire if the system remains idle between 5-60 minutes. This means that the User will be automatically logged out and returned to the MyPMS log in screen if the system remains idle for the specified period of time.

We have two features to give you more control over your User Log in Sessions. The Log in Session Timeout time can be customized to 5-60 minutes to fit your needs and a Session Expiry Warning message appears 3 minutes before the session is about to expire.

Log in Session Timeout: Choose a site wide session expiry time between 5 - 60 minutes. 

  • Go to SETUP | PMS | SETUP
  • Click Edit at the bottom right of the screen. 
  • Go the the first section: Setup
    • In the field, Session Timeout (minutes): enter a value between 5- 60 minutes
  • Click Save
  • The Session Expiration Warning message will now appear to a User 3 minutes before the session expires and the User is logged out and returned to the Log in page.

Session Expiry Warning Message:

A pop-up window will appear with a Session Expiration Warning message three minutes before the Session Timeout entered. The message displays the time remaining in the last 3 minutes and gives you the choice to Stay Logged In or Log Out Now.

For example, If the Session Timeout is set to 40 minutes, the warning message will appear at 37 minutes to warn the User that the session will expire and give them 3 minutes to stay logged in.


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