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Welcome to  MyPMS Online Property Management System. MyPMS is a cloud-based system so will be live and functional as soon as you log in and getting the system ready for you to start taking bookings is a simple and easy process.

Setting up and customizing your system is the first step in this process. There are several areas of customization to help you manage more efficiently and market to guests which you should complete after the system Setup

Page Header - Front Desk

Each time you log in to MyPMS, the page view will open to the Front Desk and display consistent system information and navigational menus in the Page Header.

This information remains in the header when you navigate to different Tabs and sections of Front Desk. The only this changes is when you enter the Setup Area

Clicking the Front Desk Tab will always bring you back to the Front Desk.


Learn more about the Page Header

MyPMS Front Desk TABS

There are three main areas in the Front desk to handle daily operations, manage bookings, create reports: Front Desk, Bookings and Reports.


  • Each Tab has a Drop Down Menu when you hover on it and the same menu in the grey bar below. When navigating to a new page, save your information or you may lose any unsaved data you have entered on the current screen.
  • Each section can be opened in a new browser tab by right-clicking and then choosing "open in new tab".

Learn more about the MyPMS Front Desk TABS

Review the following sections for more information on how use MyPMS




If you need help or have a question, please submit a ticket at the  Online Support Center
To login for the first time, use your email address on file for the User ID AND Password.