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Room Rent Charges are applied automatically during the Night Audit Process for each booking. Room Rent can be entered manually, but should not be necessary unless there are special circumstances. It is important to note that manually entering Room Rent will take the place of the automatic charge during Night Audit so that Room Rent won't be charged twice for one night. See Manual Room Rent

After the folios have been charged and Night Audit complete, an email summary will be sent to the Email address entered  SETUP | SETTINGS | SITE DETAILS. See Site Details

Overview of Room Rent Charges

How is Room Rent and Tax Calculated?

  • Room Rent is calculated using the Room and Rate information in the booking. For example, John Smith is in Room 101 at $100/night. The Room Rent Charge will automatically charge to the folio as "Room Rent - Room 101" at $100 plus Tax.
  • Tax is automatically calculated charge to the folio as a separate line item with the Room Rent. The $ amount of the tax is based on the Tax Rates you have entered in SETUP | SETTINGS | TAX CONFIGURATION.  See Tax Configuration.
  • To prevent Tax from charging to the Folio on a specific booking, choose the Tax Exempt box in the Booking Information of the Booking Details of the Guest. See Guest Booking Information

How is Room Rent charged to the Guest Folio?

  • During the Night Audit process, you will be prompted to "Charge Folios" as one of the line items. All Room Rent charges will post for in-house guests.
  • After the Night Audit process is completed and you have incremented the system date, you can view the Room Rent Charges in the folio of each guest. See Night Audit

Where can I see Room Rent Charges?


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