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To Customize a Group Letter with the Group Booking Engine Link, USER ID and PASSWORD

After the group booking is created and assigned a password, you can then easily give the guest the login information by using a merge field in a custom Letter. 

 Sample Group Booking Engine Letter using Merge Fields for GROUP BOOKING ENGINE LINK, USER ID, PASSWORD.

For an example of a complete Group Confirmation Letter with the Group Booking Engine information included, See Group Booking Engine Letter Sample

The following example shows how the Letter looks in the Template Editor with merge fields inserted for the User ID and Password. Please feel free to copy and paste this into your Group Booking Letter or email.

Sample Letter with merge fields:

Thank you for choosing the %%hotel-name%% for your Group Event. We look forward to your stay! Your Group Booking for %%arrival_date%% - %%departure_date%% has been confirmed. Please review the Booking Details and notify of us of any changes. 

Our group booking engine gives you the flexibility of adding bookings to the Group Booking. You can select Room Types, Add individual payment methods and view the Room List. Give the USER ID and PASSWORD to all Group members to let them choose their own room types and enter payment information.

To add a booking to your Group Booking, go to %%group_booking_engine_link%%

Log in with USER ID: %%reservation-identifier%%   PASSWORD: %%group_password%%