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What is the Group Booking Engine?

The Group Booking Engine is an online booking engine that offers a central location for individuals to book a room as part of a Group Reservation. By logging in to a secured area, bookings can be viewed and added to a group without having to contact the property directly.

 The booking engine provides a way to add bookings, view rooming lists, take individual payments and get group booking details giving  guests the information they need to choose a room and complete payment. Availability and rates are based on the room type allocations in the Group Booking in MyPMS. When guests add a booking, they choose a Room Type and you assign the Room in MyPMS.

 All bookings made on the group booking engine are automatically inserted into the Group Booking Room List and managed in MyPMS giving the Group Booking Manager complete control without the time commitment of taking individual bookings.

 The group booking engine can also be customized to your property by adding a logo, banner, displaying your marketing policies and room type images.

Follow these steps to get started with your customized Group Booking Engine.

  • Locate your Group Booking Engine link: Locate your customized booking in  SETUP | BOOKINGS | GROUP WEBSITE CODE in MyPMS. See Group Website Code
  • Customize your Group Booking Engine to your Property. Your logo, banner and deposit policies will display on the booking engine.  See Customize Group Booking Engine
  • Create a Group Booking Engine Letter. To create a letter with the link to the Group Booking and user id and password, See Group Booking Engine - Custom Letter
  • Create or open a Group Booking: Create a Group Booking in the Booking Wizard or open an existing Group booking. See Group Bookings and Group Booking Wizard
  • Enter Password for Group Booking: Enter a Password. See Group Bookings - Create Password
  • Check Room Type Allocations: Go to the Edit Tab to check the Room Type allocations and rates for the Group Booking. The Guests will choose from the Room type allocations in the Group Booking Engine. Availability will adjust as the bookings are added to the Group.  See Hard and Soft Allocations
  • Give Group Contact login details: The group booking can now be accessed and ready to accept bookings through the group booking engine. Give your group contact the login details in the Confirmation Letter, email or phone. We have created a simple set of instructions for using the booking engine that you can copy and paste into any email or confirmation letter for guests. Please do not send guests to the BookingCenter online manual for instructions. See Instructions for Guests
  • Booking Confirmation: After a booking is completed in the Group Booking Engine, the property AND the guest will receive an Email Confirmation of the booking. See
  • Assign a Room to each booking: Guests choose a room type when they add a booking to the group, but no room type is assigned.  After a  booking has been added, it will appear in the Room List of a Group Booking. Open the individual booking and assign a room. Assign Rooms

NOTE: If a guest wants to book a room with arrival and departure dates different than the Group. They will need to call you to make the booking.