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Each Default Rate Plan includes the option to add an "Included Item" to a Rate Plan for costing a recurring Item and/or reporting purposes. The "Included item" must be setup in Inventory Items first. See Setting up Inventory Items.

When an Item is included with a Rate Plan, it will create a Rate that has an item included in the Rate (cost of item can be displayed to the guest and the 'charge' can be placed on the Folio, depending on how it is setup as a Rate).

Example include, QUEENBRK - Standard Queen Breakfast = $150 Rate. The cost of "Daily Breakfast" is $5. The Rate displayed to the Guest is $150 and the cost of item is tracked in the "Included Items" Report. See Included Items Report.  In this case, the "Included Item" approach is for reporting purposes only, not for placing Items onto Folios or chain the cost of a booking.  If you wish for an Item to be added to the Folio when booked (either with a true cost and tax, or even a $0 charge for tracking purposes), then use the Item Included Rate or a Package Rate.

It is important to use a RATE ID and Description that will identify these Rate Plans with the Meal/Item Plan included. For Example: QUEENBKF - Queen Room - Breakfast Included. The Rate Plan ID can be used to Report Revenue, Bookings Reports so be sure to use a Rate ID coding system that makes it easy to choose the rate plan from the Front Desk.

Create as many Rate Plans as needed and then allocate these Rate Plans to Room Types in the specific channel that you want to offer the Room Type/Rate Plan allocation ( see Manage Agent Relationships). Although each Room Type can only be assigned one default Rate Plan in the Room Type List (see  Room Types),  multiple Rate Plans can be allocated to the same Room Type for seasonal rates and promotions. See Agent Relationships and Promotions

When setting up a Default Rate, think about the different Room Types you offer and how the rate plans will apply .Once this Default Rate is entered, you can manage rate changes and length-of-stay options in Manage Rates. After you have set up the Rate Plans,  create the Room Types to associate with the default Rates.

The Default Rates area displays a list of all of the Rate Plans you have created for your property. Here you can create a new Rate Plan and modify the Description of an existing Rate Plan, but any actual Rate and Restriction changes must be done in Manage Rates and Manage Restrictions

Rates Tab

To add an inventory Item to a Default Rate Plan, follow the directions on the Default Rates at SETUP | RATES | DEFAULT RATES. 

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