When a guest makes a booking on your website Booking Engine, an Email Confirmation will be automatically sent to the Guest and to the Hotel at the main email address. The Email Confirmation sent is set in Default Letters under "Website Booking Confirmation" and can be changed by you at any time.

By default, the "Website Booking Confirmation" is set to the BookingCenter Template Letter called the "BookingCenter Default Confirmation Letter". This pre-defined template is available for you to use, but can not be edited or modified in any way.

If you choose not to use the BookingCenter Default Confirmation Letter and want to use a Custom Letter, then select this Letter in Default Letter section.  When using a custom letter we will send a copy of the exact same letter to the property email if your setting state to CC the property on website bookings and you have the CC flag set on the custom letter. To add a Custom Letter, see Letters Setup

Please note that selecting a different Letter will change the email confirmation immediately, so please test any changes you make to the Letter before changing the Default Letter.

Where do Policies appear on the "BookingCenter Default Confirmation Letter?"

Deposit and Confirmation Policy, Cancellation Policy display in the "BookingCenter Default Confirmation Letter" (if selected) which is automatically sent when guest makes a booking on your website.

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