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There are two settings for Daily Rates in your Extranet. When you connect to Direct, your property is automatically signed up with daily rates set to "Single Use and Max Use Rate". 

If you want to create a promotion, change the # of guests or add additional guest charges, you need to change your setting to "Derived".

By changing your setting to "Double Occupancy, Derived Rates", BookingCenter will send daily rates based on Double Occupancy ‏and from that daily rate the property can derive up or down, depending on number of guests and/or promotions within your extranet.

To change your setting to "Double Occupancy, Derived Rates" Rates, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Market Manager and ask to change that setting to "Double Occupancy, Derived Rates" on each room that is designated to BKGDIR.  Only a Market Manager can do this.  
  2. When talking with your Market Manager, let them know that you would like to derive rates from that Double Occupancy rate.  Supply your Market Manager with the rate structure so it reflects a single guest (deriving down), or multiple guest above two (deriving up).  
  3. After you have contacted your Market Manager and he/she has made the switch, please contact us and confirm the switch has been made.
  4. We will then update availability and rates based on the new settings.