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Easily add/remove room types by making the changes in Extranet and then notify BookingCenter of the changes.

To Add or Remove a Room Type

  • Contact your Market Manager to make the changes in your Extranet. 
  • Then submit a support ticket at with the details of the change to Room Types. 
  • We will then map the changes and update rates and availability and notify you when it is completed.
  • You will see the changes to allocations reflected in the BKGDIR agent in Agent Relationships. See | Agent Allocations

See Extranet FAQ

How do I change Property Information, Images, Room Type Descriptions and Amenities?

All changes to Property and Room Type information such as descriptions, images, amenities, etc. are made in the Expedia Partner Central extranet. You have complete control over this in your Extranet. If you need help with making these changes, please contact your Expedia Market Manager. Remember, BookingCenter sends ONLY Availability, Rates and Restrictions to your Expedia Extranet.