Managing your Direct Connection with MyPMS

Once the direct connection has been activated and you start receiving bookings, you may have some questions on managing your connection.

There are some important items for you to be aware of and tips to make managing your rooms and rates easier.

For answers to frequently asked questions, see Direct Connection FAQ | Bookings, Availability, Rates

Please review this list of important items related your Direct Connection.

  1. If you were an client prior this direct connection, the bookings that were received in the previous connection will not sync with BookingCenter and you will now need to manage those reservations manually.  Therefore is reservations made prior to the interface confirmation are cancelled or modified, you will receive a fax/email from noting those changes.  Please make sure you manually make those changes in BookingCenter to record the changes that came via email/fax.
  2. In the rare instance that an booking does not integrate into BookingCenter, then will notify you of the reservation via email or fax. For more details, see
  3. All changes to Property and Room Type information such as descriptions, images, amenities, etc. are made in the Extranet. You have complete control over this in your Extranet. If you need help with making these changes, please contact your Market Manager.
  4. All rates on all your rooms should be set as "Double Occupancy/Derived Rates". This means that all standard rates are based on two guests.  If you have different rates for more than two guests, or a single guest, please tell your Market Manager what those rates are.  They will set them up correctly for you.
  5. BookingCenter sends ONLY Availability, Rates and Restrictions to your Extranet. If you have issues with any of these, please submit a support ticket at
  6. All bookings will come in to your BookingCenter product with the agent code of BKGDIR. This agent will be listed in SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | AGENT RELATIONSHIPS. For more information on this Agent, see Direct | Agent Allocations
  7. All bookings will have BKGDIR as the Source, BKGDIR as the Agent and a "B", for, at the end of the booking confirmation #, I.e. 626310332B
  8. Room Type/Rate Plans have been allocated based on your initial mapping and can be viewed in the BKGDIR agent.  Keep in mind that you will NOT be able  to change these allocations or the percentage allocated to the channel in your PMS system.  If you do need to update these, please submit a support ticket with the requested changes.
  9. When a booking is made on, you will receive an email notification from and it will automatically integrate into your PMS system. The booking will appear on the Tape Chart as an "Unconfirmed" booking. You can also see all online bookings that have integrated into your PMS in SETUP | BOOKINGS | ONLINE BOOKINGS.  For more information on this topic, see Online Bookings
  10. If you have any questions about guest details, please contact  You may not receive full guest information downloaded into BookingCenter, but that information will be stored in your Extranet. BookingCenter staff cannot access this for you, as the information is only between your hotel and
  11. When you make any changes in your BookingCenter PMS (for example, rates), you will see those changes reflected in your Extranet (the extranet) in about 10 to 15 minutes.  You can see your rates, restrictions, and availability within the Extranet.
  12. The Extranet can be used to update and override rates and availability information coming from BookingCenter in your PMS.  However, the next update from your PMS will override any rate or availability changes made in the property management system. This should only be done for short term and/or emergency changes.
  13. To add or deactivate a Room Type, please do so with your Market Manager first and then submit a support ticket letting BookingCenter know that there has been a change in your room mappings.  We will map the changes and update rates and availability and notify you when it is completed. When the mapping is complete, you will set the changes to allocations reflected in the BKGDIR agent. For more details see, Direct | Add/Remove Rooms
  14. Feel free to use your extranet to create any promotional program you would like.  However, they need to all be "Instant Promo Mappings."  This means that the promotion is built to be based on the Standard Rates that BookingCenter manages that we push.  If you have any questions about creating promotions, please refer to your Market Manager. See | Promotions Direct