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If you are interested in creating a package of a room with services (ie. spa, parking, breakfast, etc), please understand that packages have certain constraints on

If your packages, meet the following criteria please continue Set up a package below. 

  1. A package is NOT a Promotional Program (like Last Minute, Advanced Sales, 20% off, etc.)
  2. A package is a combination of a hotel room and some other item that your hotel offers.  (ie. spa service, parking, breakfast, etc.)  
  3. A package must have its own Room Type ID in the BookingCenter software.  (King Room + Breakfast = KNGBRKPKG)   For every new package combination, there needs to be a new Room Type ID.  (Queen Room + Breakfast = QNBRKPKG). This will make the PMS look 'strange' because it will now present a 'fake room type' to your staff. However, the 'rooms' belonging to this Package can be excluded on Occupancy, ADR, and REVPAR reports by use of the 'ignore on occupancy reports' flag.
  4. A package must have a Rate applied to it.  (Keep in mind you may also need to create a new rate for each package.  If it's a proper package inside BookingCenter, then the Package Module must also have been purchased - see: for details on the Package Module.)  
  5. Each package will need to have rooms applied to it, but those rooms cannot be part of any other Room Type ID.  

To Set up a Package, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Room Type in your BookingCenter software specifically for the package.  
  2. Contact your OTA Market Manager to create a package with them. The OTA will tell you how to name the package.  (This will trigger the mapping process through the XML Connection.)
  3. Assign a rate to the package. You may need create a new rate. See Creating Packages  
  4. BookingCenter will then be notified by to map the new room package description with the OTA's new Room Type ID in BookingCenter.