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Rates are stored in BookingCenter for each day of the year. The BookingCenter Booking Engine and our interfaces support the ability to manage and book a Rate up to 2 years in the future. The GDS and other sites that comprise the Global Booking Network (Expedia, Pegasus, Travelocity, etc) only hold up to 365 days – or one year's worth. When you create a 'default rate; you are telling the system what to 'roll out' 365 days from that day forward to all of these systems. If there is no edit made in the Manage Rates area, then the value of a Rate will be what is saved in the 'Default Rates' area. It's the 'default' value. When adding new Default Rates, you can do so for one Room Type at a time via 'Add Single Rate'; as a Group via the 'Add Group'; or as a 'Child Rate'.
Tips - I always work out rates with pencil and paper before I enter anything into the computer. You need to create Default Rates *before you create Room Types.

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