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  • Registration Message – not used, please ignore.
  • "Thank you for Booking" Message – this message appears at the top of the automated guest booking confirmation e-mail. This is a good place to include a contact phone number along with a personalized message.
  • Marketing and Policies
    Note, for each OTA that you have a direct relationship with -, Expedia, Priceline, etc - this value will NOT ‘flow over’ to the OTA.  The only systems that this "Minimum Booking Lead Time“ can seamlessly is the BookingCenter Booking Engine/GDS/Pegasus systems.  All OTAs and other travel systems you have a direct contract with MUST be setup to enforce your Minimum Booking Lead Time policy in the system itself. For example, if you have a contract with, you must set your Minimum Booking Lead Time in, as BookingCenter will not send these values.

    We always recommend to TEST the OTAs setting for after requesting it from your market manager, as that will prove it was set properly.

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