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BookingCenter eSign-Digital Document Signing lets you create a customized Letter with a digital signature function and send it to a guest to open and digitally sign via a secure link attached to their booking. This allows you to request and store a digital signature for the guest at any time on or before the check-in date.

The eSign - Digital Document Signing function is already enabled for each booking in MyPMS and is seamlessly integrated with BookingCenter Customized Letters.

Esign - Digital Signing

 eSign Letter Setup - Default Digital Signature Letter

 Start by creating two letters with the "Digital Signing" merge fields.
  • Letter 1: Create Default "eSign Letter": The first step to the Digital Signing Process is to create the Default "eSign Letter" that the Guest will digitally sign and submit. The merge fields that can be used for this Letter are "Signature" and "Initials" under "Digital Signing". After this letter is created, it  must be selected under Default Letters, "eSign Letter" See Default Letters
    •  Select Default Letter: After you have created or edited an existing letter and inserted the merge fields you need, then go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | LETTERS and the Default Letter area to select this Letter as the Default under "eSign Letter".  This Letter will display to the Guest when the eSign -Digital Sigature link sent to the guest is clicked.
  •  Letter 2: Create eSign- "Signature Request Letter": Once you have created the Default Signature Letter, then you need to create a "Signature Request Letter" that will be emailed to the Guest with the secure link to access the Default Signature Letter. See Send eSign Request Letter

Send an eSign Request Digital Signature Letter

 Note: The setup steps must be completed before you implement the Digital Signing process.

  1. Email the "Signature Request Letter" to Guest. This letter can be sent via email two ways: manually by using the "Letters" Tab in each booking or, automatically by using the "Auto Letter" function to send the letter to the guest at a scheduled time before check-in. See Send eSign Request Letter 
  2. Guest clicks on secure link in the email.  This secure link is automatically generated using the merge field. It is unique to each booking and generated for when the email is sent, See Send eSign Request Letter
  3. Default "Default Signature Letter" opens for guest to read and digitally sign. This letter is created in Letters and set as the Default Signature Letter. See Create Default Signature Letter
  4. Guest signs and submits the digitally signed Letter. 
  5. Signed Digital Letter stored: The signed Letter is stored with the booking at a secure URL for future reference by the hotel or guest.See Digital Signature Letter Storage

Digital Signature Storage:

Once the letter is signed it is saved as a PDF and attached to the booking. A log entry is added to the booking alerting you to the signed letter. The letter is date time and IP address stamped, so you have a record of when and where the letter was signed. See Digital Signature Letter Storage