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Create Default "eSign Letter":  

The first step to the Digital Signing Process is to create the Signature Letter that the Guest will digitally sign and submit. The merge fields to be used for this Letter are "Signature" and "Initials" under "Digital Signing".

After this letter is created, it must be selected under Default Letters, "eSign Letter" for the Signature Letter to open automatically for the Guest. You can create numerous Letters that contain "Signature" and "Initials" features to be sent manually.

Esign - Digital Signing

Step 1: To Create Default "eSign Letter" follow these steps 

Go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | LETTERS and either create a new Letter or edit an existing Letter by clicking on the Letter ID.  This letter will become your default eSign Letter.

There are two Digital Signing merge fields, "Signature" and "Initials", that you can insert into your Letters depending on your needs. Both will display a digital signature box which must be signed before the Guest can submit the Letter.

NOTE: These fields will not work when inserted into an HTML table in the Letter. Please insert the fields at the end and outside of all tables

  1. Signature: Displays a larger field and requires a full signature from the Guest.

  2. Initials: Displays a smaller field and requires only initials from Guest.

To insert either or both of these merge fields into your Letter:

  • Place your cursor in the the body of the Letter where you want the digital signature box to display.

  • Go to the BookingCenter Globe Icon and the "Digital Signing" Section. Select the merge field and it will be inserted into your Letter where the cursor is. 

  • Click Update to save changes.

Step 2 Select Default Letter:  eSign Letter

After you have created or edited an existing letter and inserted the merge fields you need, then go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | LETTERS and the Default Letter area to select the Letter as the Default under "Digital Signature Request".  This Letter will display to the Guest when the Esign -Digital Signature link sent to the guest is clicked.  


Insert Merge Fields

Click on BookingCentericon and select the merge field.


Merge Fields inserted in Letter

This is what the merge field will look like after they are inserted in the Letter

Select Default Letter: "eSign Letter"

After you have created or edited an existing letter and inserted the merge fields you need, then go to the Default Letter area and select this Letter as the default under "Digital Signature Request".