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Version 3.49


  • NEW FUNCTION - Manage Restrictions: When using Manage Rates, you can now choose to only manage restrictions for each plan. The "Manage Restrictions" function also allows you to change the Restrictions for multiple Rate Plans at the same time. Learn how to use the new Manage Restrictions function.

  • NEW RESTRICTIONS - "Closed" to Booking and "Closed to Arrival": We have added a new rate restriction option: "Closed" to go with our traditional "Closed to Arrival". Learn how to use the new restrictions.

  • NEW Child Rate Restrictions: Child Rate Plans can now have unique restrictions - different from the Parent Rate that it is linked to. This is useful if you want to offer a discounted rate only on specific days or with specific Minimum/Maximum Length of Stay (Min/Max LOS), etc. Learn how to manage Child Rate Restrictions.

  • NEW FEATURE - Send Child Rates to OTA and GDS Channels: You can now allocate Child Rates to OTA and GDS Channels, just like Parent Rate Plans, making it easier to create unique rates linked to the Standard Rack Rates. Learn more about Child Rate Allocation.


  • New Report-Owner Statement Summary Report: For customers who manage owner units, we have a new report. This report gives you a summary of all bookings, total charges, expenses, disbursements in the selected date range. See Owner Statement Summary Report
  • Managers Report: We have cleaned up the Managers Report by hiding "inactive"Hide Inactive Inventory Groups, Items and Taxes.
  • New Tape Chart Feature: Now if you leave the Tape Chart, you will return to the same date range where you left off. We have also added a new "Go to Today" button to make it easy to return to today's date.
  • Group Bookings - Now when you cancel an individual booking in a Group, you will get a message asking if want to retain hard allocation for the Group.
  • Room Type Management - To prevent the deletion of Room Types with future bookings attached, we have added a new function that will display the message "This Room Type has Current or Future Bookings attached, it may not be Deleted. You must Edit the room assignments for future bookings assigned to this room type before you can Delete it". See Delete Room Types
  • MyCard - Pre-authorize first night for Remaining Arrivals: (For MyCard Customers who have the Payment Gateway enabled). We have added a new function to the Night Audit process which is visible ABOVE 'Settle Credit Cards' called 'Pre-Auth Remaining Arrivals'. By clicking this function during Night, all bookings listed in "Remaining Arrivals" that have not checked in will be authorized for the amount of the first night's rate (i.e., today's rate).  Learn more in MyCard- Pre-Auth Remaining ArrivalsMyCard - Night Audit and  Pre-Auth Remaining Arrivals Report

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Transaction report not displaying Room # in all charge cases.
  • Corrected the balance on the "In House" Report that was wrong when multiple folios were populated.
  • Item Analysis Report was not displaying certain transactions made on House Accounts.
  • Revenue Reports by each category showed different Room Nights if bookings were 'in-house' over month endings.
  • Guest Names without a capital letter sorted after the "Z" on Arrivals Report.
  • AR Accounts - when choosing the "Check All" for Non-Statemented Invoices, it now correctly 'checks all'.
  • Corrected currency issue on Manage Rates screen-  USD no longer displays when a different currency is selected.
  • Could not add individual bookings to an "Active" Group Booking - you can now.
  • Corrected issue of past room days removed when extending a booking in the Edit Tab.