In order to Check out a guest, the Folio must have a zero balance.  If you attempt to check out a booking with a balance you will get a warning that the folio has a balance and be directed to the Folio page. See Balance Folio.

To Check out a Guest:

  • Locate the booking in Quick Search - Departures, Tape Chart or in Search Bookings.
  • If the folio has a zero balance and the guest has paid in full, the booking can be checked out by clicking on it from the Tape Chart and choosing 'Check Out'
  • If you need to take a payment, Go to Booking Data Tab or Folio Tab in the Bookings Details of the Guest.
  • Go to the Folio Tab and check to see that the Folio is balanced. 
  • Add a Payment, Credit or charge if necessary.  By default, the amount will already be in the Payment field and you only need to select the payment type and press the "Apply Payment" button. Then press the "Check Out" button.
  • Once you have a balanced Folio, click on the Check out button at the bottom of the Tab.

IF you are using MyCard Payment Gateway Processing to process credit card payments automatically, See MyCard