Adding Items to a Package
Once a Package has been saved, whether or not is 'dynamic' or 'fixed', the manager can add Items to it to both change its 'calculated price' and also give the Guest a detailed look at what Items are included in the Package besides the Room.

Re-occurring items, or items that post everyday, will post to the guest folio on each date of stay. For example, if breakfast is included everyday, then the folio will display the room rent and the item separately.

The items that appear in the Item List are created in Inventory Items. Add the items to your Inventory list before adding them to packages.

To Add items to a Package:

Open the Package by clicking on the Package I.D.

  • You will see Package Items - Add Items at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click Add Items and the Item list will appear.


Enter information:

  • Item I.D. This is the quantity of the Item that will be sold with the package and this will import these quantities into the Property Management System for management and delivery.
  • Description: Add a description of the package as it will appear to guests on a folio.
  • Sell: This is the default sell amount entered for the item when it was set up as an inventory item. Enter a different amount or 0 in the "Pack Sell" field.
  • Pack QTY: Enter the number of items included in the package. For example, if you are including breakfast for 2 people, then enter 2.
  • Pack Sell: Enter the price to sell this item for. If it is included in the package for free, then add a 0 in the Sell price.
  • Recur Days: This is to help a problem whereby a Package requires certain Item(s), such as a cleaning fee or a meal, to be added for each x day of the stay.  If this is the case, choose how many Items for each day of the stay the Item should be added to the Package.  For example, if a cleaning fee is only needed to be attached to the booking once each 7 days, make the recur days as 7. For each 7 days of the booking, one additional 'cleaning Item' entry will be added and priced. Thus a 21-day booking would have 3 'cleaning fee' Items added to it.
  • Optional: Is this item optional for the guest to add on to the room rent or included in the package? Choose "Yes" if this item is optional and can be added by the guest. Choose "No" if this item must be included in the package.
  • Action: Click Add to add this item to the package.

The Items will appear at the bottom of the Package and add to the Calculated Sell price



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