Use Promo Codes to offer discounts and specials on your website booking engine.

These Promo Codes can be used to deliver specific or discounted rate plans or packages by using a local Agent and then mapping that 'promo code' to the Agents Allocations.

Follow these steps to set up a Promo Code and corresponding Rate Plan.

  1. First you need to enable the use of Promo Codes. Go to SETUP | SETTINGS | BOOKING ENGINE SETTINGS and set 'Use Promo Code' to 'Yes'. This will enable the promo code box on the inquiry page of the Booking Engine. See Booking Engine Settings
  2. Next,  modify or setup the proper local agent. Go to SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | MY AGENTS. Use an existing local agent or create a new one, however it is important to note that the Agent ID becomes the Promo Code and will become the Agent Channel where you will allocate Room Types and Rate Plans.
  3. To create the Promo Code in the Agent. Go to the Agent details and set the Agent Class to Promo Code. See Setup Promo Codes
  4. Once this is completed, then simply allocate the Rate Plans or Packages to the proper Room types and to the Agent/Promo Code in Agent Relationships. SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | AGENT RELATIONSHIPS. See Agent Allocations

Here are two examples of how to use promo code agents to either provide a flat discount, or to sell as a Package. These are just two examples of how using Agent Allocation features in BookingCenter can help your online marketing.

Flat Discount: Our hypothetical property wishes to offer a 15% discount to all employees of a local company 'Ted's Widgets' when staying in our Queen or King rooms. We first create our local agent at SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | MY AGENTS and name it TEDWIDG, we also set the agent class to 'promo code'. Next we go to SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | AGENT RELATIONSHIPS and allocate our Rack Rate Plan(s) for the Queen and King types to the agent. Once that's done, while still on the Agent Relationships screen we once again find agent TEDWIDG and set Rate Load to -15. When employees of Ted's Widgets go to make a booking on the booking engine they would enter TEDWIDG in the promo code box and the Room Types and Rates displayed to them would be adjusted by the rate loading, in this case 15%.

Selling a Package: Our hypothetical property has a dynamic or fixed package in which we offer a two night stay in a queen room and one full day of guided fly fishing. We want people to be able to book this off our website with the code 'ESCAPE' so we create a local agent named ESCAPE and set the agent class to promo code. Then we allocate only the desired package to the queen type for agent ESCAPE. Because we're not trying to discount the package via the promo code there's no need to adjust rate loading.

Create a new Agent with the Agent Class set to Promo Code. See My Agents


The new Agent will appear in your My Agents List.


The Agent (Promo Code) created becomes an Agent Channel and must have Room Types and Rates Allocated.


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