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Explain in 'your own words' policies for advance deposits, conditions for cancellations and refunds and any special conditions specific to your property. Be sure to tick the box, "Guest Must Agree to Terms", in Booking Engine Settings if you want the guest to confirm they agree to your terms.
*Tip Confirmed Bookings vs. Enquiries - if you are not able to provide immediate confirmation for bookings then you should include a statement in your terms and conditions that 'all bookings must be confirmed before they are final'.
This Policy Message displays on the confirmation screen, phone or fax form, on the Site Profile page and GDS listings, at the bottom of the guest booking confirmation e-mail, and in the guest booking details.
Restrictions – Displays a small message on the first enquiry screen to warn guests of special conditions. The booking system holds enough information about your property to build a mini-website. This information may be linked to some agent websites. This information is also used to complete listings on GDS websites like Yahoo Travel, Orbitz, Expedia and others. Please complete this information to the best of your ability.
Please note that it is forbidden to place phone numbers, website addresses or e-mail addresses in any description except the 'Thank you for Booking Message'. If you are listed on the GDS, it is forbidden to use html tags.


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