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The Member's Area is divided into sections. Clicking a 'tab' like a file folder opens each section. When you click a 'tab' you will see functions for that section in a brown bar below the tab. The active function always has a check mark.

Changes made in the Members Area immediately update your live booking system. Please don't be afraid to click things and play around. For really important actions like Delete or Cancel, the system always asks you to confirm before the action is completed.
Often, you will see words and Id's in blue font; this usually indicates a hyperlink that you can click to get more information.
We hope you will find the layout of the system logical and intuitive. Naturally, there are many accommodation types. As options are turned on and off this will customize the display in ways that will hopefully better communicate the values of your service. We welcome your feedback ( and hope you find the Member's Area a useful tool.
So, let's get started!

Log On

To start, every supplier is assigned a "Site" ID and Password. Your Site ID is unique to your business and cannot be changed. Your password is personal to you and can be changed as often as needed. Please protect your password and change it whenever you feel the need. This will prevent unauthorized access to your private management system, which stores guest details, credit cards, and other private business information.

  • Please bookmark your Member's Area, or create an icon on your computer desktop to provide easy access.

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