To to see your Inventory images or to add or edit images, go to SETUP | FEATURES AND IMAGES | INVENTORY IMAGES.. The Inventory Item images uploaded here are displayed on the BookingCenter Booking Engine Templates under "Add ons" (if you are selling Inventory Items on your Booking Engine); or as 'Add-on Items' for Self Check-In/Out.  Each image category is allowed one image so be sure that you have the best photo available for this function. The size of the image is very important and must meet size requirements. Before you upload any images, please prepare your images according to these guidelines.

BookingCenter image upload requirements.

  • Only image files (.jpg, .gif, .png) are allowed
  • Image Size: Min: 600 x 300. Any file over 1080 x 1080 will be automatically resized.
  • A thumbnail image will be automatically generated for each image uploaded.

Prepare your images

  • Image style: You can use any image and, in some cases, properties elect to make a carousel (collection) of images. Images straight out of a digital camera are not optimized for the Internet – they are very high resolution for printing. The average image size should be between 15 and 500k.
  • Image file format: Image files must be in .jpg, .gif, .png format.
  • Size requirements: Images must adhere to the minimum and maximum pixel size, noted next to each image, or they will not properly display properly. All of the main images must be 300 x 300 min and 480 x 480 max . Use an image editor to resize your image, save as a .jpg.  Tip: making all images the same size will insure best viewing. 
  • Select Inventory to place up to 10 images on each Item that is set to 'Sell Online' or as 'Add-on Items' for Self Check-In/Out.  

tip: For detailed instructions for managing the process of adding images(s) read the examples for adding/removing Room Type Images.

BookingCenter Booking Engines and ADA Compliance

All BookingCenter Booking Engine Templates are designed with the necessary elements to meet WCAG Guidelines including "Alternative Text"  also known as the "ALT Tag" for Images. We have provided an "ALT Text "field for each Inventory Item Image in MyPMS, but the descriptive text must be entered by you in the "ALT Text" field for each Inventory Item Image. This means that every Inventory Item image on your Booking Engine should have descriptive "Alt Text" entered in MyPMS to ensure that your Booking Engine complies with ADA and WCAG standards. See Booking Engine | ADA Compliance

*IMPORTANT ADA Compliance: We have provided an "ALT Text "field for each Inventory Item Image in MyPMS, but the descriptive text must be entered by you in the "Image Description ALT Tag" Field. See below for step-by-step instructions.

Features and Images Tab


First, select the Inventory Item and click Load. The Inventory Item Image list will display with a list of images uploaded for the the Inventory Item. If there are no images uploaded yet, then the list will be blank. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions below. See screenshots of each step below.

Once you have selected and loaded a Inventory Item, the Inventory Item Image List will display.

  • To add a new image, click on "Add Image".
  • To Edit or Replace an Image: Click on the Image Title

Each Image will need the following information entered.

  • Image Title.  Enter a clear title. Ex: Bouquet of Flowers. Remember, search engines to display images based on written descriptions and will display search results more accurately with clean, descriptive text.
  • Image Description (ALT Tag) : Enter a description of the image. For example: Bouquet of Flowers sitting on a table.
  • Sort Order: The sort order determines the order in which the Slideshow displays the images. The Inventory Item Thumbnail that displays on the "Select Room" page on the Booking Engine must be set at "Sort Order=1".  A "Sort Order=1" also defines image you want to see on your 'legacy' Booking Engine (used for the TripAdvisor 'Book Direct' feature) as the 'legacy' Booking Engine show only one image per Type, Item, and Package.

Find the name of the Inventory Item in the List and click "Load"

To add a new image, click "Add Image"

To Edit an image, click on the Image Title

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