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titleDefault Language
  • Choose the default language to use in MyPMS. When you log in again, the language will be changed.

titleCredit Card Policy

Set the Credit Card Retention Policy for Credit Card Numbers stored in Bookings. What this means is that Credit Card numbers will be retained for a period of 30, 60 or 90 Days after guest check-out and then automatically purged from the system after the designated retention period. The retention period (30 -90 days). Note: The last four digits of the Card Card # used for payment in the booking will be retained.

  • Credit Card Retention Days: Choose the number of retention days from the drop-down menu: 30, 60 or 90 days.

titleChildren and Infants
There are 3 fields on the booking form for occupants that are often labeled – 'Adults', 'Children' and 'Infants'. These are labels that can be changed in SETUP | SETTINGS | BOOKING ENGINE SETTINGS. Booking Engine Settings. Many properties turn off the labels for Children and Infants and change the label for Adults to Guests.
  •  "Adult rates pertain to all guests over X years old" (GDS). If you give a reduced rate for Children, this field determines the age of Adults. When guests make bookings, the system will ask how many occupants. The number of occupants controls the maximum number of guests that can be booked into a specific room type and it may determine price if you use 'Per-person' pricing.
  • No 'Children' Allowed – tick this box if you do not differentiate rates for adults and children. In fact, Children probably are allowed; this will simply turn off the box on the booking form asking how many Children.
  • No Infants Allowed – same as above; tick this box if you do not differentiate rates for adults and Infants. In fact, Infants probably are allowed; this will simply turn off the box on the booking form asking how many Infants.

  • Rollaway Beds – Just list the number you have (GDS)

  • Rollaway Charge – List the price for a rollaway. Please no ($) or symbols (numbers only) (GDS)

titleDate and Time
  • Date Format:
  • Local Time Zone -Tip: Use a 3-character code; example's are PST, EST, CET etc. Codes are listed under the looking glass.
  • Check In Time: Enter you check-in time, using military time.

  • Check Out Time: Enter you check-out time, using military time.

titleWeekend Nights

Weekend nights are: Some properties have differential rates for Weekends vs. Weekdays. If you have special Weekend Rates, then you must tick the box for the days that have special rates. Weekend Rates are set up in Default Rates and managed in Manage Rates

  •  Friday
  •  Saturday
  •  Sunday 

titleChild Rate Restrictions
The feature must be set to "Yes" to make Manage Restrictions function visible under Manage Rates. For instructions on how to enable Manage Restrictions, see General Settings  

(GDS) : The following fields are used by properties listing on the GDS only.
  • Latitude and Longitude – if you buy the option to upload your property to the Global Booking systems, then you must enter your town's Latitude and Longitude. This will indicate you location, which is used to create a list of Airports in Parameters. Try this website if you don't know your location details - Tip: Use decimal place lat and long
  • Neighborhood: enter a commonly known neighborhood your property is located within, such as the SoHo District of New York, or Russian Hill in San Francisco.

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