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Marketing and Policies
Note, for each OTA that you have a direct relationship with -, Expedia, Priceline, etc - this value will NOT ‘flow over’ to the OTA.  The only systems that this "Minimum Booking Lead Time“ can seamlessly is the BookingCenter Booking Engine/GDS/Pegasus systems.  All OTAs and other travel systems you have a direct contract with MUST be setup to enforce your Minimum Booking Lead Time policy in the system itself. For example, if you have a contract with, you must set your Minimum Booking Lead Time in, as BookingCenter will not send these values.


Go to SETTINGS |MARKETING AND POLICIES to set your Guarantee, Deposit, Cancellation and Lead Time settings and to enter Policy and Marketing messages.

The Guarantee/Deposit term settings determine the deposit or guarantee required from guests when booking online, and the cancellation period and terms.

The Deposit and Cancellation Policies listed at top of the Marketing Messages display automatically to customers on your website as the Deposit and Cancellation Policies which the guests must accept to complete the booking. They also display on the "BookingCenter Default Confirmation Letter" (if selected) which is automatically sent when guest makes a booking on your website. See detail below, the fields used on Booking Engine and Default Confirmation Letter are marked in red with (Booking Engine) . To see where these policies display on your Booking Engine, see Booking Engine | Policies

Other Marketing Messages are are optonal fields that can inserted into your Letters using merge fields which means the information will automatically appear.

NOTE: If you are using an OTA Direct Connection (, Expedia, etc.) and/or a XML or partner Booking Engine (such as Odysys, BookingSuite, Easy InnKeeping, etc)  as your interface, then marketing and policies are controlled in the extranet or interface of the connection.

To edit Marketing and Policies, click Edit at the lower right of the screen, make changes and then click save.

See detailed instructions on how to setup and enter your here, Marketing And Policies