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To Setup SMS Messaging in MyPMS, you must subscribe to the SMS Module and have your site enabled for SMS Messaging by BookingCenter Staff. Please contact us at or submit a support ticket to to get started. See SMS Module | Pricing

SMS Letters can customized with simple text and merge display specific guest and booking information and sent manually from each booking and/or sent automatically to guests before or after arrival by using  Auto Letters.

SMS Module setup is quick and easy. All you have to do is create the SMS Message in Letters and then either schedule the delivery in Auto Letters or send it manually in the booking. See the steps below.

SMS Module

SMS Module Setup : Follow these steps to start sending SMS messages.

Step 1: The first step is to create an SMS Letter, see Add or Edit SMS Letters.

Step 2: Then you can choose to manually send the SMS message to the Guest or set up automatic delivery using Auto Letters.

To Manually Send an SMS Message to a Guest from the Booking:

  • Open the Booking and go to the Letters Tab.
  • Go to the SMS Message drop-down and select the SMS Message created in Letters.
  • Click Send SMS Message.
  • The SMS Message will be sent and recorded in the Log of the Booking.

Use Auto Letters: Schedule Delivery of an SMS Message: Note: The Auto Letter function for SMS is available for Self Check-in, eSign and Booking Made Today. See Auto Letters SMS

  • Click Add
  • In the "Event" drop down menu, select the SMS Event.
  • The Event Details screen will open.
    • Letter: Select the Default SMS Letter that you created in Letters.
    • Days: Choose the number of days on or before check-in that you want to automatically send the SMS message. This should be timed with the email.
    • Timing: Select Before (I.e. 2 days before Check-in)
    • Notes: This field is for your notes. It will not be displayed to Guests.

What if an SMS doesn't get through to the recipient?  If the Mobile number is incorrect, or the Country associated with the Guest is wrong, BookingCenter will email your property with the specific error of the SMS, looking something like this:

Subject: SMS message about booking MYPMSDO1351524 failed
Date: April 9, 2019 at 4:17:02 PM PDT

The message failed to send to  because...

[HTTP 400] Unable to create record: The 'To' number +1242 is not a valid phone number.

This usually occurs because the mobile number or country code are wrong, so we recommend that you do not attempt to send again without correcting.