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MyCard© is BookingCenter's credit card payment gateway and is tightly integrated with MyPMS©. It is intended to be transparent to the user and eliminates the need for separate POS, additional phone lines, monthly and transaction fees as well as the time intensive auditing of settlement reports against MyPMS audit reports.


Managing Credit Card Transactions

When you click on Manage Credit Cards, a new window opens with the Credit Card information and Transaction history for the guest. You can then Manage the Credit Card Transactions or Add a new transaction. See the following functions below for specific tasks.

For more information on MyCard products and adding a POS module:

MyCard and the Point of Sale (POS) Add-on Module

The POS Module enables customers to connect to your preferred Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop Point of Sale system; either AuthorizeNet or MyCard gateways for credit card interfacing; selling Packages, or connecting POS hardware. See below.

The POS Module includes:

  • Inventory and Packages: Online, Onsite or through GDS
  • Restaurant, Bar, and Gift Shop Point of Sale Interfaces

Learn more about the Point of Sale system (POS)-MyPMS or Point of Sale system- Desktop PMS

POS Hardware and Setup Help

  • Recommended choices for POS hardware for use with BookingCenter can be found here.
  • Depending upon which product you use, BookingCenter will either setup via AuthorizeNet (Channel Manager or Desktop PMS) or MyCard (MyPMS).  If AuthorizeNet, then nearly any processing network in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or Mexico can work. If MyPMS, then your account will need to be setup on a Tsys, VisaNet,or Vital processor platform. TSYS can provide services in 87 countries’ native currencies via local banks, including Canada, USA, the Carribbean, and Latin America..
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