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  • Modify and Delete Transactions
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Modifying or Removing an item from a folio will automatically update relevant taxes and service charges for that item.

You can manually remove a tax or service charge from the folio, however you cannot manually adjust the tax or service charge cost as it is calculated from the item cost.

When you modify or remove a line item from a folio the folio will update to reflect the changes and the change will be logged under the Log tab, the initial posting will be deducted on the Transactions Report, and the new amount posted on the Transactions Report.

Modify Amount

Charges may be edited by clicking the "Modify Amount" button on the line item. A box will come up where you can input the new amount. When modifying an item on the folio change the amount to whatever you would like to see on the folio. DO NOT enter the a $ figure to act a a correction amount.

Delete Amount

If you need to remove an item from the folio simply click the Trash Can icon next to the transaction. A message will appear to confirm the deletion. 


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