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The Manage Credit Cards function allows you to manage the credit card transactions for each booking.

The basic functionality of Manage Credit Cards is the same for both Traditional MyCard©, MyCard EMV©, and non-MyCard users. However, MyCard Users will also use the manage credit card area to take authorizations and process the transactions directly through MyPMS.

There are two places where you can access the Manage Credit Cards function: in the Booking Data Tab of the booking or in the Folio Tab of the Booking. Both links will take you to the same Transaction list. Credit Card Transactions will also appear in the Transactions.

View Credit Card Transactions for Guest Booking

  • To add a new transaction, manage credit card information and to view a list of credit card transactions for a guest:
  • Go to the Booking Details of the Guest
  • Go to the Booking Data Tab or Folio and then Manage Credit Cards.
  • Click on the Manage Credit Cards link
  • A new window opens with either Transaction history (figure. 1) for the guest or an empty list (figure.2).

You can then Manage the Credit Card Transactions or Add a new transaction.

See the My Card Video Tutorial Series


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