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Groups often want to manage charges between the group folio and individual folios. For example, Room Rent was initially charged to the Group Master Folio, but now the Guests want to pay charges individually.

By default all charges go to the Group Master Folio and individual bookings inherit Group Folio settings at the time of the individual bookings creation. This is important to note because custom folio management must be done prior to making individual bookings if you wish for the folio settings to inherit to all individual bookings.

To automatically post charges to certain folios in a Group, use the "Charge To" setting before adding the bookings to the Group.This setting is located in the Booking Data tab of the Group Booking and in the Group Booking Wizard. See Charge To - Group Bookings

There are several scenarios which may involve the transfer of a charge between Bookings like Room Rent or incidentals posting to the Group Master Folio which the guests then decide to pay individually.

Group Booking Details

 To transfer charges between Group Master Folio and Guest Folios, follow these steps.

Step 1: Choose the Folio to transfer the charge from. In this example, we will transfer charges from the Group Master Folio

Step 2: Choose Transactions and Folio to Transfer To. In this example, we will transfer Room Rent and Tax  for Room 220 to Kim Williams Folio. Put a check mark next to the Folio items to move. Scroll to the bottom of the Folio and choose the folio to transfer to in the "Transfer checked items to" drop-down list. This will automatically transfer the item. Any taxes or service charges associated with that line item will also automatically be transferred to the selected folio.

Step 3: Confirm transfer of charge

Go to the Guest Folio by choosing it from the "Choose Folio" drop down list.

The charge has been transferred to the Primary Folio of the Guest.

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