This section is for users of the MSO Marketing Services Organization. Since Google and other 'trackers' also have nice features available in their tracking products - FOR FREE - many of our customers use their system. See: our MSO Help Page for specifics on how to use these features. Note, the final code for 'Web Tracking Code Last Page' is used by BookingCenter's Booking Engine posts the Total Cost and Booking ID values to Google Analystics in order to use the 'Campaign Conversion' features built into Google Analytics. In order to get support for setting up Google Analytics and Campaign Conversions, customers need to work with their webmaster - it's not a service BookingCenter provides.   For customers who wish to track the 'Campaign Conversion' features built into Google Analytics, the key parts are the 2 variables BookingCenter sends upon the completion of the booking. These are:

  • %%$booking_id%% - This is the Booking ID. If there were multiple rooms booked in a single transaction, then this is the 'root Booking ID'. For example, if three rooms were booked and the Booking IDs were = 12345-1W, 12345-2W, and 12345-2W, the %%$booking_id%% wil be "12345".
  • %%$total_price%% - This is the total cost. This might include Inventory Items and Packages Items if you sold that in the transaction, so consider that when analyzing your results - the %%$total_price%% is NOT room costs only.  Should you need to figure out the pre-tax value you would need to apply a simple formula of (total_price / (1 + tax rate ) ) either after receiving the data or in your javascript function.  For example with a 8% tax rate you would use the following (total_price / 1.08).  
  • %%$arrival_date%% The arrival date of the booking in format DD-MON-YYYY ala 18-APR-2017
  • %%$departure_date%% The departure date of the booking in format DD-MON-YYYY ala 18-APR-2017
  • %%$agent_id%% - partner: Agent/Promo code that the booking was booked at.  i.e.  BC, SUMMER etc.

  • %%$currency_id%% - Currency set in the system.  USD

  • %%$total_adults%% - Total Adults selected.

  • %%$total_children%% - Total Children selected.

  • %%$total_room_count_id%% - total rooms. Multiple Rooms will be added to the total.
  • %%$total_nights%% - total nights of the stay

These variables must go in exactly as is (including using the %% values in front and behind the database variables), otherwise this won't work.
Here is a sample of the Google script:
<script type="text/javascript">
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-12345-1");
pageTracker._addItem("1", "%%$total_price%%", "1" );
</script>For additional help, view the MSO Help Page for specifics. Customized Enquiry System Labelling:
Please change the labels to suit your property, i.e., Suites, Cabins, Camp sites, Beds, etc. If your tax is called T.O.C. for example, change the label.
There are 3 fields on the booking form that are often labelled – 'Adults', 'Children' and 'Infants'. The first label (Adults) must be used. The 2nd (Children) and 3rd (Infants) labels are optional. Many properties switch off the 2nd and 3rd label and change the first label to Guests. If that is your preference, change the field for Adults to "Guests" and go back No Children and No Infants in General Settings and tick the boxes "No Children Allowed" and "No Infants Allowed".
Examples – Cape Schanck Lightstation - Adults, Children and Infants

Example - The Observatory in Port Macquarie - Guests

This section allows the property to customizes the labelling within the program

Be sure to Click Update to save your changes!

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