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The Main Images used are:

  • Banner – Image Header above the Booking Screens. The optimum image is no more that 150 pixels high. Must not include phone numbers or e-mail.
  • Exterior (300 x 300 min - 480 x 480 max):– Usually a road shot of the property.
  • Exterior Thumbnail (110 x 110 max)
  • Map (300 x 300 min - 430 x 430 max)

In addition, we are now uploading images to select websites linked to the GDS distribution. If you do not use the option to sell through the GDS you can ignore these images. Images size restriction - (300 x 300 min - 480 x 480 max)

  • Conference
  • Golf 
  • Lobby 
  • Pool
  • Property
  • Recreation
  • Restaurant
  • Spa

Your website is the centrepiece of your Internet Marketing, but you can't afford to stop there. The Booking System is a powerful sales and marketing tool that helps you build a presence across a wide variety of websites, the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz,, etc - collectively known as the Global Booking Network. In the past, you bought ads in travel websites just like ads in magazines. Today, the leading travel websites work on commissions instead of fixed fees.  That means you only pay for results. With a small budget you can list on more websites. 
The Online Booking system gives you centralized control over many sales channels. A change to availability or pricing immediately updates all linked websites. Booking made at one website immediately update availability for all websites. Advance payments are always paid direct to the property based on their own terms and conditions.
Tracking the origin of bookings and paying commissions is also simplified. Any booking that is cancelled will automatically reconcile commissions payable to Agents. Agents have a special management system to view booking history. Agents are issued an ID and password. This gives them the ability to track bookings and commissions. If you have specific agents you want enabled to make online bookings, please contact BookingCenter at +1-707-874-3922 ext. 201.
Our goal is to help you develop a network of agents and travel websites we call the Global Booking Network – and specifically those relevant to your business targeting local, regional and topical travel websites. Especially attractive is the opportunity to sell through Global Distribution Systems used by Domestic and International Travel Agents as well as links in over 10,000 Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity. The GDS is a special service that requires a one time enrolment fee. Contact BookingCenter at +1-707-874-3922 ext. 201.

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