If you upgraded to the Channel Management Tool Pro package, the ability to use custom Letters for each booking will be available. The Letters feature is a fully integrated text editor with data merge fields. It gives the user the ability to create, personalize, and customize multiple letters with ease. To see if this upgrade is right for you, see: http://www.bookingcenter.com/products/management_tool_pro.html and then contact BookingCenter to upgrade.
Availability and Rates
The Channel Management Tool is a great way to simply and easily manage Online Bookings. It is not a Front Office accounting system or a Property Management System – which BookingCenter sells as Desktop Pro (to install on any Mac or Windows PC) and MyPMS (to run on any internet device) - therefore it is not necessary to enter every Room Type and Room in the system. Instead, you will only need to load the inventory needed to represent the product you wish to sell online. The Channel Management Tool often runs 'alongside' your main accounting system.
* Tip - For those who prefer a fully integrated front office reservation system that will automatically update availability based on changes at the Front Desk – download a free 45 day trial of our BookingCenter Desktop Pro, demo the web-based MyPMS Property Management System, or for a small additional fee, the Channel Management Tool Pro may be all you need.

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