The In-House Report displays guest, booking and folio details for all guest bookings that are "in-house" on a specific date. This means that you can choose a date in the past to see what the In-house guest balances were on that particular date.

The report also gives the option to display guests that are active and currently in-house regardless of the date chosen. 

The In-House Report is useful for seeing a summary of balances due and can be used in conjunction with Managers and Accounting Reports. For example, Use the In-house Report with the Transactions Report to help account for the difference between any amounts charged and payments received on a specific date in the past. This is typically due to things like advanced deposits made, payment of a booking at check in and advanced charge made to a future booking. These transactions often occur on different dates than the actual room rent for the booking is charged.

To see a report of guest, booking and folio details for all In-house (active) guests, see the In-House Guest Ledger

To create an In-House Report:

The In-House Report displays the following information:

Advance Room Payment / Charge