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A Child Rate is a rate plan that is setup under a Parent Rate Plan. The rate is "linked" to the Rate of the Parent Rate Plan and calculated by the percentage increase or decrease entered in the Child Rate Plan.

Therefore, the daily rate of a Child Rate Plan will always be calculated from the Parent Rate and can not be changed in Manage Rates. If you want to edit the percentage or description of Child Rate, go to SETUP | RATES | DEFAULT RATES. See Edit Child Rate

 However, Child Rate Plans can have unique restrictions, which means the restrictions can be different from the Parent Rate that it is linked to. This is useful if you want to offer a discounted rate only on specific days or with specific MINLOS, etc.

For example, you want to offer a Weekday Special (15% Discount Monday-Thursday with a 2 night minimum). A Child Rate Plan is set up with -15% entered in the Adjustment. Then, in Manage Restrictions, "Arrival"  is checked for Friday, Saturday, Sunday to close the rate to arrival and 2 is entered in MINLOS.

These Rate Plan Restrictions are updated to all of the channels you have the Child Rate allocated to. For example, when "Closed" is checked for a specific date, then it will be unavailable for arrival on your website, GDS/OTA Channels.

Manage Rates

Default Rates

Manage Restrictions for Child Rates

All changes to Child Rate Plan Restrictions are made in SETUP | RATE | MANAGE RATES after a Child Rate Plan is created.

Each Rate Plan is assigned it's own Restrictions and can be adjusted for one Rate Plan or for multiple Rate Plans at the same time.

  • If you choose one Rate Plan, then the restrictions will change for only the rate plan selected.
  • If you choose multiple Rate Plans, then the restrictions will change for all of the rates selected.

Depending on the changes you need to make, use one of these methods to change the Child Rate Plan restrictions. See instructions on how to use each option below.

  1. Single Rate Restrictions Change restrictions for a Single Rate Plan, unless selected for a multiple rate change.
  2. Multiple Rate Restrictions: Change restrictions for multiple Rate Plans at the same time.

There are four settings for Child Rate Restrictions:

  • MIN LOS (Minimum Length of Stay): Requires a minimum stay for any booking arriving on the date chosen. I.e. 2 night MIN LOS on a Friday would require any booking made with an arrival date of Friday to stay 2 nights.
  • MAX LOS (Maximum Length of Stay): Requires a maximum stay for any booking arriving on the date chosen. I.e. 4 night MAX LOS on a Sunday would require any booking made with an arrival date of Sunday to limit the stay to 4 nights.
  • Arrivals: CTA (Closed to Arrival). If this box is checked, then the rate plan will be unavailable for bookings with this arrival date. I.e. Saturday is checked. A guest making a booking will not be able to choose Saturday as an arrival date.
  • Closed (Closed to Bookings): If this box is checked, then the rate plan will be closed for making bookings.  I.e. if Sunday is checked, then a guest will not be able to make a booking on this date.

Please note the difference between using "Arrivals" and "Closed".

  • "Arrivals" effectively closes the Rate Plan and makes any Room Type it is assigned to unavailable to arrival on your website, GDS and Front desk.
  • "Closed" makes any Room Type it is assigned to unavailable for bookings on your website, GDS and Front desk.

How to change Restrictions for Child Rates:

Step 1: Regardless of which option you choose to change restrictions, Single or Multiple Rate Plans, the first step is to put a check mark in the box called "Manage Restrictions". If this box is not checked, then the Child Rates will not appear in the drop-down list. After you have checked the "Manage Restrictions" box, then choose one or more Child Rate Plans. See below for details on both options.

To display Child Rates in the drop down list, put a check mark in the "Manage Restrictions" box.

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Option 1: Single Rate Restrictions

To change the Restrictions for one Child Rate Plan:

  2. "Manage Restrictions": Put a check mark in the box called "Manage Restrictions"
  3. Select the Child Rate Plan: In the drop down menu, select the Child Rate Plan by putting a check mark in the box next to it.
  4. Select the date range: Select the beginning end date that you want to change. Choosing the correct date range is a very important part of managing rates.You can select any date range from one day, weekend, week or month to several years in the future.
    • Changing rates is done in a seven day calendar view starting on the day of week corresponding to the "Begin on" calendar date chosen. For example, if you  choose Oct. 1 - Oct. 30 and Oct. 1 lands on a Saturday, then the first day of the week displayed is Saturday.
    • Although the date range selected is one month, the calendar will always display a seven day weekly view. This means that when you change a rate on the Friday night, it will change the rates for ALL Fridays from Oct. 1-Oct.30.
    • The rate changes you make will apply to ALL rates in the selected date range. If you are changing rates for a long date range like two years, then remember that it will over ride any short term changes made to specific time periods within the date range.
  5. Click Display Rates: The Restrictions for the Child Rate Plan will display.
  6. Enter Restrictions: See above for details on restrictions. Use optional "Save" to save only the specific items you are changing. I.e. If you are only changing the MINLOS, then click "Save" for that restriction only and uncheck the others. "Fill" is a useful feature to make changes across the week. Clicking the 'Fill' box will automatically fill the entire row with the amount entered in the first entry. This can be a real time saver!
  7. Click Save
  8. if you want to change rates for another Rate Plan during the same date range selected, then just go to the "Choose Rate" drop-down menu and click "Update Rates". The screen will change to display the selected Rate Plan which is shown in the blue box at the bottom of the grid.

EXAMPLE: In this example, the Child Rate Plan - AAAQ is selected for June 5-11. There is a MINLOS entered for Friday and Saturday nights and closed to arrival on Thursday. The "Closed" box is checked for Saturday to close the rate plan to bookings.

Check mark "Manage Restrictions". Then, select one Child Rate Plan and choose the Date Range.

Click "Display Rates" and the Restrictions for that Child Rate Plan will display.the Rate Plan Information in the Date Range chosen, starting with the day of the week that the "Begins on" date falls on. Make any changes and click "Save"

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Manage Rate Plan Restrictions

Enter any changes to your Restrictions. Put a check mark in the "Save" box next to the line items you are changing and uncheck (leave blank) the line items you are not changing. Make your changes and click Save in the bottom right. 


  • Minimum Stay: Enter the Minimum days of the stay. For example, if you require a 2 night stay over the weekend, enter 2 in Friday and Sat.

  • Maximum Stay: Enter a maximum stay if applicable.

  • Closed to Arrival: Check the closed box if this rate is NOT available on that particular day. For example, you have a special rate for the month of July, but you do not want it available on Sat.


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