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Room Type Images appear on your website and GDS and OTA sites as well as in the Booking by Inquiry function. Each Room Type you have set up in Room Types will appear in this list. Before you upload your images, it is important to prepare them to meet size requirements and edit for best presentation. Each Room Type is allowed one image so be sure that you have the best photos available for this function. The size of the image is very important and must meet size requirements. Before you upload any images, please prepare your images according to these guidelines.

Prepare your images

  • Image style: You can use any image and, In some cases, properties elect to make a collage of images. Collages can be used on your website. However, collage images are NOT allowed on GDS and OTA sites.  Images straight out of a digital camera are not optimized for the Internet – they are very high resolution for printing. The average image size should be between 15 and 50k.
  • Image file format: Image files must be in .jpg format.
  • Size requirements: Images must adhere to the minimum and maximum pixel size, noted next to each image, or they will not properly display properly. All of the main images must be 300 x 300 min and 480 x 480 max . Use an image editor to resize your image, save as a .jpg.  Tip: making all images the same size will insure best viewing. All thumbnails need to conform to 100 x 100 min and 200 x 200 max.
  • Thumbnail Images - Thumbnail images are used on your website booking engine and in the Booking by Inquiry function. To enable the thumbnails to appear on your website go to Booking Engine Settings and choose "yes" for Display Thumbnail images.

To Add an Image:

  • Step 1: Find the name of the Room Type in the List. There are 2 images to upload: the main image and the thumbnail image. You will need to complete these steps twice, once for the main image and once for the thumbnail image.
  • Step 2: Click on the Browse button and a new window will open with your desktop file folders. Locate the image and double click or click open in the window. 
  • Step 3: The image name will appear next to the Browse button if it uploaded correctly. Then, click Submit.
  • Step 4: A message will appear asking to confirm the upload. Click Yes.
  • Step 5: The image will appear in the list under the Room Type. Above the image a message will appear stating whether image meets or does not meet required size dimensions. If it does not meet the required dimensions, then edit the image size and upload again.

To Edit or Change an image

  • Click Delete to delete the current image and then repeat the steps above.

See screenshots of each step below. Click on each image to enlarge.

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