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The Room Type images section is used to upload the Room images which will display on your Website and/or GDS and OTA sites.

To to see a list of your Room Type images or to add or edit images go to SETUP | FEATURES AND IMAGES | ROOM TYPE IMAGES.See Add Room Type Images

  • If you haven't uploaded any images yet, the Default screen will display as shown below.
  • As you add images, you will see them appear in the corresponding category on this page.
  • The Room Type categories listed correspond with the Room Types you have already set up. If you do not see the Room Type in the list, then go to Add Room Types to add the appropriate Room Type.
  • Thumbnail images are used on your website booking engine, on the Tape Chart and in the Booking by Inquiry function. To enable the thumbnails to appear on your website go to Booking Engine Settings and choose "yes" for Display Thumbnail images.



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