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To setup Self Check-in for your property, follow these steps:
  1. Confirm that your SITE is enabled for Self Check-in. Please contact us if you are not sure or want to enable the service
  2. In MyPMS, enter the Room Entry instructions in the "Room Notes" Field in your Rooms. Go to SETUP | RATES | ROOMS. The Room Entry instructions will display in the Self Check-in Complete Letter. For instructions on how to enter Room Entry Information.
  3. Next, you will need to create the Default Letters which are used to email and/or SMS Message the Guest during the Self Check-in process. We have provided Default Template Letters for both email and SMS Messages for you to use.  The Default Letters for email are required for the Self Check process to function. The SMS Messaging is an optional feature which can be added to Self Check-in. To get started, see SMS Module Pricing Feel free to use the Default Templates “as-is” or customize to your property by adding or editing text, images or merge fields.
  4. Create a new Self Check-in Letter and "Self Check-in Complete" Letter for Email and/or SMS or edit the Default Letter Template provided. See
  5. Set the Default Letters for Email and/or SMS in MyPMS. You can also use Auto Letters to send emails or SMS Messages automatically.
  6. Select the the Delivery Method of each Letter to the Guest. You can choose email, SMS or both.
  7. Optional: If you want to require a digital signature for check-in, the BookingCenter eSign-Digital Document Signing lets you create a customized Letter with a digital signature function and send it to a guest to open and digitally sign via a secure link attached to their booking. Learn how to use eSign - Digital Document Signing
See details on each step below.


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