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The Expedia promotional programs that BookingCenter supports are described below.  Expedia may alter them at any time.  

BookingCenter used Agent codes to map to each Expedia program. These codes are setup by BookingCenter and can be found in MyPMS under SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | AGENT RELATIONSHIPS. See Expedia | Agent Allocations. These codes are not used by Expedia. They use the Expedia Program description, so please use these when speaking with Expedia.

The two most common programs are:

Expedia Collect - Expedia will collect the monies from the guest and provides the hotel with a one-time use credit card.  The commissions owed to Expedia are collected on the front-end of the reservation by Expedia. 

Hotel Collect - Expedia gives a guest guarantee, but the hotel will collect the monies from the guest and then paying Expedia their commission after the reservation has been fulfilled. 

Please see a list of other supported programs below,


The codes used by BookingCenter all begin with EXP, followed by the program code.


BookingCenter Agent Code 

Expedia Program Description

EXPDIRHCExpedia Hotel Collect

Expedia Collect

EXPDIRCPExpedia Corporate
EXPDIRPKExpedia Package
EXPDIRCBExpedia Continental Breakfast
EXPDIRBRExpedia Breakfast Included
EXPDIRICExpediaAll Inclusive
EXPDIRLMExpedia Last Minute
EXPDIRNRExpedia Direct NonRefundable