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The BookingCenter Expedia Direct Connection gives you booking integration and automatic synchronization of availability, rates and restrictions.

Set up is quick and easy in Expedia Partner Central with Expedia QuickConnect® (EQC) .

Learn more at Expedia QuickConnect®: How does it Work

The steps outlined here are for customers who do not have an account with Expedia and need to enroll with Expedia Partner Central before connection to BookingCenter. If you are already enrolled with Expedia and just need to connect with BookingCenter, go to Expedia | Activate Connection

Follow these steps to get started

STEP 1: Create a support ticket with BookingCenter  

Go to and create a ticket with the Subject "Expedia Direct Connection".  We will communicate any necessary clarifications, questions or issues to you on this ticket. Please do the same and we will have all correspondence in one place.

STEP 2: Enroll with Expedia Partner Central

  1. Enroll directly with Expedia Partner Central at: 
  2.  Work with your Expedia Market Manager to complete required set-up information. BookingCenter cannot assist with this process. Expedia will only work with the property directly until you have been accepted in their Direct Connect program.

STEP 3: Determine these items with the Expedia Market Manager 

  1. Please tell your Market Manager that you are selecting your Expedia Quick Connect partner.
  2.  Review the Room Type descriptions set up the in the Expedia Extranet. The descriptions can be different in Expedia than they are in your Expedia Extranet since we will map by Room Type ID We will just need to know which matches to the MyPMS Room Type ID if the descriptions are different. Also, please set up any images, room amenities, policies, etc. in your extranet
  3. All rates on all your rooms should be set to "Occupancy Based", NOT "Pricing per day".
  4. There are two Expedia Programs to participate in. You may choose one or both.  What you select will be communicated to BookingCenter directly by Expedia.
    1. Expedia Collect - Expedia will collect the monies from the guest and provides the hotel with a one-time use credit card.  The commissions owed to Expedia are collected on the front-end of the reservation by Expedia. 
    2. Hotel Collect - Expedia gives a guest guarantee, but the hotel will collect the monies from the guest and then paying Expedia their commission after the reservation has been fulfilled. 
  5. There are two options for price structure:
    1. Sell Rate-  You will sell your rooms to Expedia at your Standard Rate.  There is no negative Net Loading on your rate.  Instead, you will enter a contract with Expedia that will define the percentage of commission you will pay Expedia after the reservation has been checked-out
    2. Net Rate-  This is also referred to as Expedia’s Merchant Model.  (If you want to sell on Travelocity, you have to participate on this program.)  You will sell your rooms “wholesale” to Expedia by negatively net loading your Standard Rate.  This is done in your MyPMS Agent Relationships.  You will need to discount your room approximately 20-25% (-20 or -25 in the Net Loading column).  Expedia will not charge you a commission in the rear of the reservation.  Instead they will sell your room for what they can get and keep the difference.
  6. Promotional Programs:  We recommend that you begin first with the standard programs with Expedia: ‘Expedia QuickConnect Room (EQR)’ or ‘Expedia Hotel Collect Room (ETR)’ until you have experience managing the Expedia agent, and then add additional programs when/if needed

NOTE: If you are already 'live' in Expedia, it is VERY important that you continue to manage the Expedia Partner Central manually until you hear that the BookingCenter interface has been 'certified' by Expedia.  A closing message will be updated to your Support Ticket to denote the time when the interface is completed.  At that time, the rate and availability will come from BookingCenter.  However, until you hear from us, Expedia will be pulling rates and availability from the Expedia Partner Central. These reservations will not automatically download into your BookingCenter software.

STEP 4: Establish an EQC Connection  

Once you have finished the enrollment and setup steps, go to Expedia | EQC Connection for step-by step instructions on how to activate your connection.