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The Manage Rates screen replaces the Seasons option. Rather than having to define multiple individual seasons for a year in advance, BookingCenter has developed the Manage Rate option Rates to allow you to quickly and fluidly set special conditions quick and fluid edits (price surcharges and minimum stays, closed to arrivals, minimum & maximum stays, etc) for a specific day(s) or date range up to 2 years in advanceranges. Often, this is used to manage rates for peak periods – Long Weekends, Special Events, Holidays, Weekly Rates, etc. If you don't have a need to adjust your default rates skip this section.

When you select a rate and a time frame and press Display Rates, the system automatically loads the rate for that time frame. If you've never edited the rate or stay options for that time frame the system loads the Default Rate Once you are ready, you must go to each Rate and adjust prices as needed for each time frameWe have detailed documentation on Managing rates and Restrictions here.