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This report is a historical report of transactions and should be run for a specific date or over a date range in the past. The room transaction data is generated from amounts actually posted to folios: Room Rent posted to folios during Night Audit and and Non-Room Revenue items manually charged. To see a report of in-house guest folio balances, deposits paid and balance due, see the In-House Guest Ledger

This includes advanced charges and payments made to bookings.If the total amount for charges for a particular date does not equal the amount of payments received on that date, then look at what advanced charges and payments were taken. See  Advanced Charges Report (ARC). and Advanced Deposits Report.

Alll All charges you have for Inventory Items are Categorized in the Inventory Group it is assigned to. By default, the following Inventory Groups are provided in MyPMS:   Room Rent, Phone and Misc. See Inventory Items. Item charges will be displayed under the category "miscellaneous" unless you have assigned it to another Inventory Group. To see a detailed report of items sold, use the Item Analysis Report. To see detail on Room Rent charges, use the Transactions Report .