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Owners can view the bookings made for their Unit with Booking Information and Status. To Edit or Cancel a Booking, click on the Booking ID to open the Booking Details

Edit Bookings

From the ‘Booking Details’ page (booking_details.phtml), an Owner can click a LINK to ‘Edit Booking”. Booking" or "Cancel Booking"

The Edit feature enables:


  1. Contacting the Front Desk who can then make an edit on their behalf, according to their detailed instructions.
  2. Upgrade to the Channel Manager product to get complete editing features (as well as a host of others, as detailed here) in the product.  Note that upgrading to the Channel Manager product comes with 24 x 7 support from BookingCenter.

Cancel Bookings



The owner can view any commissions earned from their Unit(s) being booked and in status: COMPLETE. The idea for the Commission is that the Owner has a commission amount is commissionable at an agreed-upon rate (always a %). This is set for each Owner and can be unique to each Owner.  The Total Commission is then viewed by the Owner on the non-taxed portion of the RENT (rate total for the booking) and excludes any extra Items that might have been added, such as a bottle of wine or transportation fee.  This area allows Owners, if they have a commissionable relationship with the Property Management Company, to see what commissions are payable.  If the commission relationship is 0%, then the Total Commission will always be $0.