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BookingCenter’s Self Check-in System is a web service that can be enabled for any MyPMS Customer as a ‘stand alone’ service or as part of the MyGuest Guest Request System. If integrated with MyGuest, then staff has an iOS and Android app that can both notify of any errors occur in the process (for example, a room was not assigned to a booking, the prior guest in that room had not checked out, or a credit card authorization was declined) and to keep the 'autonomous' system in view at all times.

The Self Check-in system is completely automated from start to finish and includes automatic messaging, payment authorization, Esign – digital signing (optional) and room specific information allowing detailed instructions for a mix of hotel and rental units as well as key codes to access the Room(s).

The Guest Self Check-in process is completed in MyBooking, the BookingCenter secure guest portal, to update booking details, authorize payments, accept terms (with signature, date, and IP-stamping for support in a dispute) and check-in. It is fully integrated with MyPMS for “real-time” booking and status updates. 

MyBooking is branded to provide a personalized guest experience ‘with a “Call for Help” button to message staff via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime etc when a guest needs help or has questions.

If you need a signed Registration Letter with terms and conditions, we offer a free digital signing service, Esign, which is seamlessly integrated into the Self Check-in process. See eSign - Digital Document Signing

Managers and key staff can receive immediate notifications when guests check-in, need assistance or submit a request using our optional MyGuest Manager’s App.

Self Check-in