To Setup SMS Messaging in MyPMS, you must subscribe to the SMS Module and have your site enabled for SMS Messaging by BookingCenter Staff. Please contact us at or submit a support ticket to to get started.  See SMS Module | Pricing

Requirements for the SMS Module:

  • Only MyPMS customers can subscribe to the SMS service.
  • When the SMS Module is activated, a country will be required for all Guest's who have mobile numbers entered into a Booking (on the Booking Data tab).  It is not required that a mobuile number be provided for all bookings.  But if one is, it must have the country selected.
  • BookingCenter assumes that the country of your property is the 'default' country code for your mobile phone numbers, if one is not selected. You can order countries to appear in the list as you want them.
SMS Module

Key Concepts to Know About SMS from BookingCenter

  • Pricing: An SMS 'message' is always at least one segment.  Each segment is 153 characters.  If a Property writes a SMS that is 154 to 306 characters, that is a 2-segment message; 307 to 460 is 3 segments; and so forth.
  • SMS Sender Phone Number: All SMS messages will be sent from a BookingCenter number and that number is not unique to your property.  Guests cannot reply to that number.  If a Guest replies to the BookingCenter SMS number with a SMS response, we will auto-reply to the Guest with this message: "This is an Automated Service, we will do our best to forward your message to the property you are staying at", but we recommend you contact them directly" 
  • Responses to SMS Messages: BookingCenter will send via email all responses to an SMS that we can 'map' back to your property (we attempt do this via the phone number replying to our SMS - if we can identify it to your Guest and Booking, we know who to send the reply to). But BookingCenter makes no assurance that either failures or replies will be sent to your email.
  • Failed SMS Messages: BookingCenter will send via email all FAILURES to an SMS you send.  Most often, this will be becuase you have either entered a wrong number, or formatted the mobile improperly.  BookingCenter will email to the main email address we have on file the exact error so you can try a different method of communication.  
    An example of a failure email might be:
    • The message failed to send to  because...Unable to create record: The 'To' number +1+17074681393 is not a valid phone number. This usually occurs because the mobile number or country code are wrong, so we recommend that you do not attempt to send again without correcting.
  • Automated SMS Messages: If you have set an SMS to auto-send for Self-Checkin 'day of arrival', we will assume the Guest is in the time zone of the Property and send that SMS between 8 am and 10 pm of the time zone of the Property.
  • SMS Message Logging: All SMS 'outgoing' messages are logged under the Letters tab of the Booking so you can review the SMS messages that were sent as part of that booking.

MyGuest Integration: Automatic SMS messages that create MyGuest Request tickets:

  • When a Self Checkin Letter Generated
  • When SMS Messages are sent.
  • When an e-Sign Letter is Generated

See MyGuest | MyPMS Integration