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Version 3.50



  • MyCard - Pre-authorize first night for Remaining Arrivals: (For MyCard Customers who have the Payment Gateway enabled). We have added a new function to the Night Audit process which is visible ABOVE 'Settle Credit Cards' called 'Pre-Auth Remaining Arrivals'. By clicking this function during Night, all bookings listed in "Remaining Arrivals" that have not checked in will be authorized for the amount of the first night's rate (i.e., today's rate).  Learn more in MyCard- Pre-Auth Remaining Arrivals and MyCard - Night Audit
  • Booking Details - Credit Card Payments: We have expanded the credit card expiration filed to allow for entry of 1-15 years to accommodate expiry dates accepted by major OTA's. See Guaranteed By
  • MyCard - Transactions Report:  Credit card transactions now displays all authorized transactions on the settle date, not the authorization date. Thus, the Transaction Report, Batch Report and Booking Logs all show the same date for when a card is posted onto a Folio.  Transactions Report
  • Agents: We have added the ability for Agents to cancel bookings with a new "Cancel"  button in the booking detail screen in the agents area at See My Agents
  • AR Statements: New option to include all folios reported on an AR statements directly to a PDF document by clicking "Print Detailed Statement".  Prior, one had to gather the Folios supporting the transactions referenced on an AR Statement - now the folios will appear in the same order as the Statement lists them when clicking "Print Detailed Statement". See AR Statements
  • Booking Details - Guest Name:  There are times a property wishes to stop showing a past Guest on the 'Live Lookup' when making or editing a new individual or group booking.  The drop-down list now only displays guest records set to "Live". See Guest Information - Booking

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Group Booking Wizard: Corrected the total dollar displayed in "Confirm Rates and Enter Group Information".
  • Fixed bug in Group Booking Master Folio which was creating a balance owed in the folio drop-list. At times, this was affecting Night Audit.
  • Corrected an issue in Room Type details where an agent allocation exists regardless of an agent relationship.
  • Fixed display of "Restriction" message when a rate was changed in a booking.